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A truly, pinch yourself moment, that lasted the duration of this booking. 

I worked closely with the team at Ear To The Ground, a great design agency based in Manchester.

I worked across three projects: Produce mock-ups of packaging concepts to gift to PlayStations A-list influencers, the likes of Billie Eilish, Lebron James and The Weeknd to name a few.


Produce a template to showcase the new Play Station football kits.  

Create the screen graphics for a social media campaign promoting Gan Turismo 7.   

Concept 2 v2-Inside Drawer G.jpg
Concept 2 v2-Exterior AC.png
Concept 2 v2-Open G.jpg
IG Feed Post_Winner Post Abdul-Rayyan Yusuff Small.jpg
IG Feed Post_Winner Post Holly Chidlow Small.jpg
IG Feed Post_Winner Post Lucy Akrill small.jpg
IG Feed Post_Winner Post Matilda Clempsom small.jpg
16 x 9_Endframe V2 for insta-01 small.jpg
16 x 9_Endframe V2 for insta-02 small.jpg
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